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About Stena Sessan

Stena Sessan History

Sessanlinjen or GFL (Göteborg-Fredrikshavns line) was purchased by Stena in 1980.
The purchase attracted a lot of attention and was considered as the end of the battle of Kattegatt. Sessan was an established company and was challenged by Stena Line. Both shipping companies were constantly building new ships and the situation had become untenable. Stena Line was financial stronger and the merge ended the competition.  

Sessanlinjens history goes far back. When De Danske Statsbaner in 1924 ended their agreement with the Swedish and Danish authorities, to traffic Fredrikshavn-Göteborg, it was replaced with a number of temporary solutions. In 1935 GFL (Göteborg- Fredrikshavns line) was founded and started.

Sessanlinjen proved to be quick to respond to market changes and the companies ships were known to be sophisticated and technical advanced. Sessanlinjen was one of the first to meet the needs motoring by adapting their ships to transport vehicles.

Stena Sessan today

Stena Sessan still has an involvement in the ferry traffic. Stena Sessan ownes the RoPax-ship “Stena Jutlandica”, that is chartered by Stena Line.
The company has an even deeper involvement in tanker shipping and owns 50% of the tanker shipping company Concordia Maritime and 50% of two shuttle tankers.

Stena Sessan is the main owner to the industrial automation company Beijer Electronics in Malmö.

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